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About BikerJen

I'm a complete petrolhead. A biker through and through!

I currently own a Honda Varadero 1000, Suzuki DRZ400E and Beta Rev 3.

Oh and I'm lucky enough to be offered media bikes to ride and review - so you may see a couple of those pop up (like the Suzuki Katana - my fave)!

I got into riding motorbikes as I lived in a tiny village and riding my bicycle to the next village to see my friends was just too much hard work. Unfortunately just six months later, a car hit me and wrote off my moped.

A couple of years later, I thought it would be safer to get myself a quad bike…that thought quickly disappeared after I kept rolling it round corners. My brother convinced me to get a 125cc and I got bored of that within six months.


I did my big girl’s motorbike test, started my journey with an 800cc cruiser and never looked back.


I’ve had my fair share of motorbikes because I like a project!! I do nearly all of the work myself and enjoy a challenge. I have had 2 Kawasaki KE100 projects as one was stolen and I bought another one years later as I felt I had unfinished business.

I've had a GSXR 1000 K2, but sold that as the DRZ400 was much more fun - I ride all year round!

Read more about my journey in my blog :-)

I'm all about adventures...not just posing. I've been to the Isle of Man twice, two Euro road trips as far as Italy and all over the UK!

I write reviews for Sportsbikeshop's SBS Mag, find the link here. I add my reviews to the Reviews page of this website when I remember...

I pride myself on completing longer term reviews - I'm not about to post after a couple of rides in something, I much prefer a thousand miles as that's when I tend to break stuff!!

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