AGV K-3 SV Helmet

I liked AGV's mid-range sports-touring helmet so much, I bought another!

Photos by Jamie Morris

It’s not the most expensive helmet and I’ve had a couple of issues, but there are so many reasons why I love the AGV K-3 SV! If you are in the market for a reasonably priced full-face helmet with integral sun visor you should definitely consider it.

It’s an upgrade over AGV’s discontinued K3 model, with the main difference being that the SV has an integral sun visor – something I personally can’t live without.

The K-3 SV is made of the same thermoplastic resin used in the K3. This material is strong and shock-absorbent (the K-3 SV scores four out of five in the SHARP safety test), but is quicker and easier to manufacture than a fibreglass shell, which is reflected in the price.

The helmet comes in sizes XS to XXL, with two different shell sizes (one covering sizes XS-MS and the other for ML and above). The microfibre pads have a sanitising treatment within them and are all removable and washable – you can also get replacement internal pads to ensure the best fit.

I like that the pads and liner are removable and washable, which is helpful as I can avoid a build-up of make-up, especially on the cheekpads and chin curtain. It also helps when fitting my intercom speakers and mic inside.

The K-3 SV weighs approximately 1470g, which doesn’t give me neck ache, but also doesn’t win any awards for being the lightest helmet. But how does that compare to other helmets I hear you cry?

Well, comparable helmets in price and SHARP rating such as AGV’s K1 and the Shark D-Skwal weigh 1500g and 1530g respectively; and an AGV Pista GP-R (five-star SHARP rating) weighs approximately 1440g, so it doesn’t seem too bad!

The helmet has a variety of vents; with an intake on the chin bar, two intakes above the visor (which I affectionately nickname my eyebrow vents), one on top of the head and an exhaust vent at the rear.

The visor is an optical class 1, non-scratch, anti-fog, polycarbonate visor and comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert as standard. My favourite part of the visor is the pivot mechanism, which you can change to suit your riding. A range of alternative inserts come with the helmet and changing them adjusts the gap between the steps as you raise or lower your visor.

I also like the visor release, which I find easy to use. I’ve bought two K-3 SVs and on the second I found it difficult to release the visor so I adjusted the screw behind it and haven’t had any issues since.

Just looking at the helmet, I like the shape. It looks very aerodynamic and has the typical AGV pointed chin, just as you would see on a top-of-the-range helmet.

Though saying that, it also has a micrometric ratchet-style fastener, which you definitely wouldn’t be seeing on a range-topping Pista!

I’ve had my blue and pink Guy Martin replica K-3 SV for about three years and I wore it all the way to Italy on a road trip. I loved it so much that I recently added a matt black version.

While I loved the helmet enough to buy a second, I have had some issues…

After a few miles of using my first K-3 SV one half of the sun visor started flapping in the wind for a few miles. When I took it back to the shop, furious that it had broken already, a lovely salesman listened patiently to my rant and quickly popped the loose end back into its bracket. Oh, the shame!

Shortly after #visorgate and after some more use, I found that a piece of Velcro holding the lining to the EPS was rubbing on my forehead. I ripped it out and had no further issues, but was disappointed to find I had exactly the same issue with the new K-3 SV.

On the subject of liners, the K-3 SV comes with a removable chin curtain which I accidentally dislodge every single time I take my helmet off. If there is a knack to taking the helmet without doing this I haven’t found it yet.

The chin curtain issue hasn’t annoyed me enough to make me permanently remove it, so it’s only a minor complaint, but worth noting. One plus point for the chin curtain is that it has a flap that means you can stick your finger through to adjust a vent instead of having to remove it completely.

Although the chin curtain attempts to reduce it, wind noise is a topic of debate with the K-3 SV, as it is with most AGVs. Some riders say it is noisy, others say it is fine. I don’t find it too bad, but I use earplugs on long journeys, as I would with any lid.

All in all, I love this helmet. The price, high SHARP rating, integral sun visor and Pinlock as well as the looks, the ventilation, the removable liner…all make that tiny piece of Velcro worth dealing with.

Find it here!

Vision - 10/20

The top edge of the Pinlock can sometimes get in the way when riding with my head tilted forward on a sports bike, however this is not something that has often bothered me as I usually have a tinted visor without a Pinlock.

Ventilation - 20/20

The options to open and close vents on this lid are good and you can really feel the airflow.

Fit and Comfort - 18/20

Once I’d taken out a velcro patch that holds the comfort lining to the polystyrene liner the lid was nice and comfy. The rough side of the velcro protruded past the soft padding and scratched against my skin, which was uncomfortable. If yours does this, take the velcro out to make it comfy.

Build and Quality - 15/20

The only issues I have found with the lid have been the piece of Velcro on the forehead and the sun visor which came off the rail when I first bought it. Other than that, I find the helmet to be well made.

Features - 14/20

I’m impressed with the features considering the price.

Total Score - 77/100

Mileage - 10,000 miles

Seasons - All year

Motorcycle - GSX-R1000, TL1000S, Honda Varadero 1000