Dainese Street Biker Lady D-WP boots

These hi-top style motorcycle trainers feel like wearing Converse on your bike - only safer and cooler!

Photos by Jamie Morris

My style on my bike is either full Power Ranger suit or informal to the point that others question if I am actually wearing gear. I usually wear aramid leggings or jeans and a leather jacket under a hoody, so the Dainese trainers fit quite well with my aesthetic.

Though I adopt a more informal look on the bike when commuting or travelling, I am still safety conscious and considered this before purchasing these trainers.

I was surprised to find that the Dainese Street Biker Lady D-WP are CE approved as short boots. They don’t pass the optional tests for ankle and shin impact protection, and they will never replace full-length boots, but they meet the lower Level 1 standard for two of the three tests they do pass.

They also have some super-cool reflective inserts on the heel, which are subtle and form part of the design on the heel, but light up like a Christmas tree when it’s dark!

They are essentially trainers, so you pull them on and lace them up to above your ankles, but unlike your favourite pair of trainers, they are armoured and waterproof.

When I say they are waterproof, they have done me proud! Apart from that one time I submerged them in a small stream on the Isle of Man… but they aren’t designed for that, are they?! I’ve never applied any waterproofing products but two years later they still keep my feet dry during day to day use.

You may need to think about the style of trousers you wear with them if you’re expecting rain though. When I wear boot-cut jeans that cover the ankle it’s not a problem, but if I’m wearing skinny-style jeans in heavy rain, they will start to let rain in at the top.

These trainers reinforce Dainese’s reputation as leaders in top-quality motorcycle gear. They have been built well; I’ve taken them on a 2000-mile road trip as well as to the Isle of Man and daily commutes and they have developed no faults in thousands of miles of riding.

They are are pretty true to size as well; I have wide feet but these fit in my normal size and because they are hi-top style, there’s no concern about narrow boots not fitting around calves.

The soles are stiff (designed to stop your feet being crushed if a bike lands on them) which means that they are quite rigid when you first wear them. They limit your ankle movement, but are comfortable to walk and ride in and this eases slightly over time.

I love commuting with these trainers I can either wear them at work, or sling them in my top box or backpack and get on with my day! They are subtle enough to look like normal trainers (to those who don’t know the Dainese logo) and they feel like them too. I really like the subtle logo on the side, they are very eye-catching and bikers are forever asking me about them.

Travelling in them is equally effortless; I wore mine all the way to Italy on my Varadero 1000 and was able to ride and then sightsee without the annoying boot change or boot squeak!

I went for suede black and anthracite – a shade of grey for those of us who didn’t know – but they come in a variety of colours and materials. The beautiful fuchsia and anthracite trainers, with fuchsia laces, will be my next purchase!

I was initially worried about wearing through the trainers when changing gear (I have ruined a few pairs of CAT boots this way) but they have a harder material on the tops of both of the shoes so this is not an issue.

If I could change one thing about these trainers, it would be the rubber material on the front of the toes as I am forever scraping this when getting my knee down! I would ask Dainese to make something a bit more hard-wearing, but I guess they didn’t have knee-down riding in mind when designing these trainers!

I would also ask Dainese for slightly longer laces because although they are long enough to tie, when using the top eyelets, the bow is very small. I can see why the laces are short though, you wouldn’t want to catch them in anything while riding.

So in summary, they are rigid, reinforced, reflective, r-waterproof and an alternative to traditional motorcycle boots. They are perfect for commuting and travelling, when you don’t really want to don full kit, but are still concerned about safety.

They do come at a premium price but with the comfort, build quality and the fact that I have found them to be waterproof, I would say they are well worth it and I would already like to purchase a second pair.

Find them here.

Style - 15/20

I love the styling on these trainers. They have loads of nice details and look great with jeans.

On-bike comfort - 20/20

They are really comfy to ride in and I found them to be true to size.

Off-bike comfort - 15/20

They are also comfy off the bike, much nicer than walking in full length armoured boots but still quite rigid.

Build Quality - 20/20

As could be expected from Dainese, they are very well made and have lasted me a couple of years so far.

Protection - 10/20

CE certified, though they are short boots so they come to just above your ankle rather than all the way up the shin.

Total score - 80/100

Mileage - 10,000+

Seasons - All year

Motorcycle - GSX-R1000, TL1000S, Honda Varadero 1000