DXR Ladies Stardust Textile Jacket

The Stardust is a simple, waterproof jacket which can adjust to fit your curves!

Photos by Jamie Morris

This DXR jacket has changed my opinion of textile jackets for the better. My previous experience of waterproof jackets was that they’re bulky and unattractive as the two I’d owned before were too big and could not be adjusted, so I didn’t like wearing them.

The DXR Stardust is a ladies waterproof jacket, which comes in sizes 8-24 and in black or fuchsia. I chose fuchsia as I can be a bit girly, but this isn’t a ‘pink it and shrink it’ special – it looks stylish with a few pink stars dotted around here and there on the black jacket.

DXR have thrown in CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection and there’s a pocket for a back protector (not included). And talking of pockets, the two external and two internal pockets will both fit my Samsung S7 phone comfortably.

The jacket comes with a removable thermal liner which makes it feel incredibly warm. I’m the kind of person who would happily keep the liner in for most of the year, however I took it out of this jacket at the first sign of warmth. With the lining in, I have used it in temperatures below 5 degrees, along with a thin fleece, and I felt comfortable.

Despite initially being quite sceptical about the DXR jacket’s waterproofing abilities, I have used it throughout winter and spring, in rain and storms, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I arrive at my destination bone-dry underneath!

I like that the Stardust has an inner lining which covers the waterproof membrane; previous jackets I’ve owned have not and I’ve found the jacket clinging to me when it gets a bit warmer. It also has reflective details, which I like.

The jacket has been designed for women which, I’m pleased to report, is evident in the feminine fit. It is a short length with zips at hips and cuffs so you can adjust it to fit you. It also has extra bust room, which is always an issue for me. The arm length is perfect for me and I found that the jacket fits well with my Knox Aegis back protector.

I love the collar on the jacket. This may be an odd statement, but I don’t like anything tight around my neck so I never have the Velcro or popper on a collar done up. The collar on the DXR jacket doesn’t have anything like that and it sits at a nice height, so I feel comfortable whether I’m riding my upright adventure bike or one of my sports bikes. It also means my neck tube or helmet don’t get caught on the Velcro.

I feel attractive wearing this jacket, instead of feeling like a super-padded marshmallow on a motorbike. I believe this jacket could fit most women well; it doesn’t have the most adjustment options possible but it fits me great in the appropriate size, so I really can’t argue.

I was a little surprised that it didn’t come with a back protector and think it should. I feel like this could be a first jacket for a new rider and wouldn’t like them to ride without one because they couldn’t afford to buy one. Having said that, I prefer to wear my Knox back protector, which straps to my body, so this didn’t affect me.

I also wasn’t keen on the position of the front pockets; they seem slightly too high and far back so I found them awkward to locate when trying to put my keys or phone away.

The jacket also doesn’t have any zips to connect to jeans or trousers, which is something I look for in separate pieces.

Having said the above, I loved the jacket so much that I bought it at the end of the review period. I can live with the small issues, for such a smart, well-fitting jacket.

All in all, I think that the DXR Stardust jacket is excellent value for money. I find it to be attractive, feminine, a good fit, warm and waterproof – all for a good price – I just wish it came with a back protector and pockets that are easier to find!

Find it here.

Fit and comfort - 20/20

I love the feminine fit of this jacket and the adjustable zips at the hips. It is extremely comfortable, and the thermal lining makes it lovely and warm.

Protection - 10/20

The jacket comes with CE-certified armour, but no back protector. It’s missing a zip to connect the jacket to the jeans.

Waterproofing - 20/20

I was impressed with the waterproofing performance in torrential rain, especially considering the low price!

Build Quality - 15/20

The jacket seems well made, with everything working as it should.

Features - 9/20

This is a simple jacket that is lacking in features. There’s no back protector, it lacks a connecting zip for jeans and there’s no method of adjusting fit at the sleeves.

Total score - 74/100

Mileage - 2000 miles

Seasons - Winter - Spring

Motorcycle - GSX-R1000, TL1000S, Honda Varadero 1000