Oxford Monaco ladies jacket

Warm, waterproof, well-fitted and economical... Have I hit the jackpot with Oxford's Monaco Ladies jacket ??

Photos by Jamie Morris

When choosing a jacket to review, this one seemed to answer the questions. Its length gave a contrast to a shorter jacket I previously reviewed, it connects to any Oxford trousers, it’s waterproof, has a removable thermal liner and was reasonably priced at £129.99 (at the time).

The Oxford Monaco Ladies jacket comes in sizes 8-22 and is designed with commuting and touring (or riding adventures!) in mind. It’s waterproof, yet vented, with reflective details and about a million pockets.

There are pockets everywhere. Inside, outside. Flaps, no flaps. Waterproof, not waterproof. Front and back. I loved the front pockets, with flaps over the top; they were nice and deep and in the perfect position.

I often travelled without a topbox or bag because of the sheer amount of pockets I had available when I wore this jacket with Oxford’s Montreal jeans.

I particularly liked the length of the jacket, which pulled down over my hips, and the storm flap / rain gutter system. Essentially, this is a flap that folds across the front of the jacket to reduce water ingress to the zip.

I found the jacket was completely waterproof, and I went out in some torrential downpours just to check! I never had any rain on my clothes once my jacket came off so I’m very happy to rate the waterproofness.

There is a name and details label on the inside of the storm flap, which never failed to make me smile as it reminded me of every item of clothing I ever owned in primary school. Useful in an emergency too.

The jacket is made for ladies and straight off the hanger it looks a bit like a super-techy textile rectangle. But stretch panels on the elbows and shoulders, and the sheer number of adjustments all over it, mean you can adjust it to your shape. You’ll find two different adjusters on the arms, and some more on the chest, waist and cuffs.

This means you can achieve a tight and comfortable fit, which shows off less of the rectangle shape and more of your figure. It also means that it can be adjusted if you want to wear more or less clothing underneath.

I found the arm length to be good, which is something I often struggle with. Perhaps I have short arms (and no one has told me!) but I often have to bunch up the material – not the case with this Oxford jacket. The cuffs also have a nice soft material on the edges, so no more scratching your wrists.

Talking of wearing lots of layers. I didn’t need to with this jacket. I wore a thin vest and a DXR thermal underjacket, keeping the thermal liner inside the jacket, and was snug as anything in temperatures as low as freezing.

I wore this jacket almost exclusively while riding my Honda Varadero adventure bike, because the styling suited it. This bike has a tall screen, which shields me from the wind somewhat, which would have helped me stay warm. I did ride my sports bikes with it, but only for short rides in higher temperatures.

Even when riding my adventure bike, in an upright position, I found the Monaco jacket’s neck to be too high. It was high enough to cover my cheeks when the jacket was unzipped slightly and when completely zipped up it dug into my jaw.

With this in mind I was especially thankful for the synthetic suede collar, which is super soft.

The jacket didn’t feel as stiff as I had expected and it didn’t feel overly bulky, but it was nice and snug.

I was impressed with how warm and dry it kept me in winter, yet I was never too hot. I think this was due to the numerous air vents with water-resistant zips; the front ones are positioned so they can easily be unzipped while riding to allow a little air to flow through.

The jacket appears to be well made, with a waterproof membrane covering the entire jacket, the zips are high-quality zips, including the one connecting it to the trousers and there are plenty of thoughtful aesthetic touches.

I love the little red details all over the jacket, and although I noticed the silver reflective details immediately, it was only when I rode in the jacket at night I realised that there were black reflective details as well.

I love this. I’m all for safety features, but don’t want to wear hi-viz yellow gear everywhere. When you shine a torch at the jacket, it lights up like a Christmas tree!

People often tell me that they don’t commute to work on the bike as they don’t like to get cold or wet, but this jacket (and the matching trousers) holds the answer – staying warm, dry, and snug as a bug on a bike on your commutes, or adventures.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this jacket to anyone as the price is very reasonable for the number of features, the warmth and waterproofing. I could live with the jacket being a bit high in the neck for me.

Find it here!

Fit and Comfort - 15/20

I love how I could adjust the jacket to fit me well, however I found it would dig into my jaw a bit. This is probably as I’m a little bit short, and it’s something I could live with.

Waterproofing - 20/20

It’s definitely waterproof; I went out in some torrential downpours just to check!

Breathability- 20/20

I was always nice and warm, but never too hot, probably due to the ventilation zips.

Build Quality - 20/20

The jacket developed no faults throughout the time I had it (about 2000 miles) and I like the soft-touch finish around the collar and cuffs.

Features - 15/20

I feel there are a fair amount of features for a jacket costing only £129.99 (at the time of review)

Total Score - 90/100

Mileage - 2000 miles

Seasons - Winter - Spring - Summer

Motorcycle - GSX-R1000, TL1000S, Honda Varadero 1000