Quad Lock Case

So I had been struggling with Google Maps telling me to turn right...after the right hand turn and my phone losing GPS signal in my pocket for too long. I came across the Quad Lock Case and wondered whether it could withstand riding with me, or flap around like a pilly in the wind...

The Quad Lock Case is a phone specific case and a mounting system.

Samsung S7 Quad Lock Integrated Case

Cases are available for popular Samsung and Apple phones, with an integrated Quad Lock system (below), or by using a universal adaptor (left) which can be stuck to other phones, tablets or cases.

The case is made from a sturdy shell, with impact absorbing properties and a soft velvety interior. Because it is so sturdy, I do struggle to get the phone in and out of the case, but I see this as a good thing!

It's designed to be slim, despite the Quad Lock system protruding slightly on the rear and wrapping around the front of the phone to provide

protection to the screen. I find it to be slightly thicker than my phone, but not too bulky. I always have a case on my phone and don't find it to be too much bigger than any normal case.

You still have access to everything you need on the phone while using the Quad Lock Case - charge port, jack, speakers, side buttons, camera etc - and you can still use wireless charging. But what is a Quad Lock I hear you ask?

The Quad Lock is the clever little mechanism (pictured below) which locks your phone case to one of the many mounts. Simply twist and click. Done!

Whatever you need a mount for, Quad Lock have you covered! The case fits onto any of the mounts for bicycles, cars, motorbikes, running and more...but I'm concentrating on the motorbike ones for this review. The options are either a mirror, or a handlebar mount at this time.

I have a Samsung S7 and found it easy enough to order the exact case to fit. I also have a sports bike with clip ons...I figured it was worth a bodge of the handlebar mount!

As you can see, the handlebar mount consists of a mount which wraps around your handlebar in two pieces, some bar spacers which fit inside the mount to adjust to fit 22-32mm bars, an extension arm, an Allen key and instructions (but who needs instructions when it's this simple!?).

I managed to get the mount to squeeze between my switch pod and brake reservoir mount.

Only just!

I did have to sand it a little, but it fits, with absolutely no wiggle room!

I was able to adjust the extension arm, the Quad Lock and the mount to where I am able to see the Sat Nav, still operate buttons on the switch pod, and the phone will not hit the tank or screen.

I used it every day at the Isle of Man for three weeks and I have been using it every time I have used my K2 GSXR1000 since. So around two months and I would estimate around 1000-1500 miles. I have five words for you...

The locking mechanism is amazing!

I can easily put the case on the mount, even with my bike gloves. It takes a bit of getting used to at the start, but the convenience of having your phone at your fingertips on the bike is brilliant. I was able to stop, take my phone off the bike and take photos with my gloves on. It's also great to use as a Sat Nav.

I love that the case is plain black, I think that is quite stylish and something I would choose myself. There is a small glossy plastic part around the Quad Lock mount which I have scratched already! I think that this is because I scratch it on tables when I slide it around!

I guess the million Pound question is...would I buy another one?

100% YES!

I wouldn't hesitate buying a new one when I upgrade my phone. It is always in a case, so why not make it one that is hella useful?!

I love the quality of the mount and case. A bonus with this case, is the wrap around the front. I don't have a screen protector on my phone, they always have bubbles, so it's reassuring knowing that when I drop it (and I have, quite a few times!) it protects the screen too.

I like that you can use the phone specific case with all Quad Lock mounts, and if your phone isn't waterproof, you can use the 'poncho' to cover the front of the phone!

There were only a couple of issues I found with the Quad Lock case and mount...

  • I find it a bit hard to find the side button sometimes, even without my motorbike gloves. It is quite flush with the rest of the case. I also have to push quite hard. But this is a small price to pay for such an awesome case.

  • The case also won't fit in my car phone holder which annoys the hell out of me! I have a car phone holder which relies on the back of the phone pushing a button in the middle so that the sides close in and hold the phone, whatever the size. This button is directly in the middle of the Quad Lock mechanism, so it doesn't push! I have to take the phone out of the case when using the car phone holder. My solution? I'll be buying a Quad Lock car mount...that's how much I love the case and mechanism!

One point which is specifically for bikers...and possibly a bit simple...Make sure you lock your phone's screen orientation, otherwise it will turn when you go round a corner and you will struggle to see the Sat Nav!

And one final note...I bodged the handlebar mount to fit my GSXR clip ons. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to do the same with yours. However, I did, and it works well for me!

If you're looking for a reasonably priced phone mount for your motorbike (or car / bicycle etc!) then I would recommend the Quad Lock range. Check them out at www.quadlockcase.co.uk.

Photos from the Quad Lock website - apart from the ones on my bike!