Richa Ladies WP Racing gloves

When there's not enough rain to test gloves properly there's only one thing to do... take them snowboarding!

Photos by Jamie Morris

These gloves claim to be sports and waterproof and I wanted to know whether such a glove could actually exist.

The Richa Ladies WP Racing certainly look like sports gloves, in stealth black with contrast stitching on the fingers, hard knuckle armour and Kevlar-reinforced palms.

I tested these gloves through the winter of 2017-18 and only managed to ride in rain with these gloves three or four times but they performed well, even in a torrential downpour.

Still, I wanted to know more about how well these £70 non-Gore Tex gloves would perform, so the next logical step was to take them snowboarding – and it’s safe to say I was astounded by the waterproofness!

On an eight-hour intensive day course, where I was constantly falling over and driving my hands into the snow, the gloves kept my hands warm and dry until the last hour or so. Even then I think the problem was snow was getting in through the top, not seeping through the glove.

It is unfortunate I wasn’t able to ride with them in more rainy conditions to test them on my bikes, however if they can endure my constant snowboard fails then I’m confident they can withstand some rain on the bike.

As with most internet orders, you are recommended to measure yourself before you order. I didn’t, yet I still managed to order the correct size as they were in line with sizing of other motorcycle gloves I have worn.

My only niggle with the fit was that the fingers were slightly too long for me, however this might be a good thing if you have long nails.

An elasticated section around the wrist means that when you pull the glove on, it hugs your wrist and stays in place. I liked this feature as I’m not keen on the small Velcro strap you usually find around that part of the glove. That strap feels like another thing to fasten before you ride – and I just want to ride!

There’s a Velcro cuff closure on these gloves, which fitted over all of my different leather and textile jackets with ease.

Although Richa claim the lining is lightweight, I have to disagree. I didn’t find the extra thickness an issue as I could still feel all of the buttons and controls – I just couldn’t classify it as lightweight myself.

Which brings me on to another slight issue regarding the lining – sometimes these gloves made my hands feel too warm! I don’t often have sweaty hands, but these gloves did this to me. I struggled to get them off after a long, sweaty-handed ride, and they were even more difficult to get on after that.

I wouldn’t recommend them for the height of summer – and they’re not fully insulated winter gloves either. But I trialled these gloves through a cold winter and spring (remember the ‘Beast from the East’? Yeah, me too) and despite the low temperatures I barely had to use my heated grips.

The gloves overall are extremely comfortable, with softer leather than I expected for the £70 price. They moulded to my hands nicely after the annoying wearing in period and after a while they felt like I had owned them for years.

Towards the end of my time with the gloves, some of the material on the palm overlay started fraying and yellow fibres started poking out from underneath, so it’s clear there is a panel of aramid fibre for extra abrasion-resistance.

A couple of threads on one finger overlay had also started to fray, though this wasn’t issue to me and after numerous rides (and a snowboarding lesson) they still showed little sign of wear.

I think these gloves are brilliant value for money, with good protective features, a comfortable fit and waterproof properties – the only issue is the hand sweating when it gets warm outside.

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Fit and Comfort - 19/20

A couple of points deducted for the long fingers, but they are super warm and comfy. I really like the elasticated section and the Velcro-secured cuff fits over all types of jacket.

Breathability - 9/20

I found my hands became too hot and sweaty on some journeys and wouldn’t recommend them for the height of summer.

Protection - 20/20

I like that the gloves have Kevlar reinforcement in the palm. It’s not something I would ever want to test, but nice to know it’s there.

Build Quality - 12/20

I’m impressed that the gloves are waterproof, however some parts of the glove have started to fray at around 3000 miles. I believe these to be cosmetic and not integral to the safety of the glove.

Features - 8/20

A fair amount of features for a competitively priced glove.

Total Score - 67/100

Mileage - 2000 miles

Seasons - Winter - Spring

Motorcycle - GSX-R1000, TL1000S, Honda Varadero 1000