Weise Lancer Gloves

"Like a big leathery, Kevlary, glovey sandwich.

So I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Weise Lancer Gloves which I’ve been using for about 8 months now. I had the choice between Black, or Black / White / Fluro Yellow; I decided to stick with Black as Fluro Yellow is definitely for cool kids and racers, and I’m neither!

They’re Unisex and come in sizes S – 3XL. I wasn’t sure about sizing at first, as I’ve never had any Unisex gloves, but I guessed just right and the fingers are exactly the right length. An odd observation you may wonder, but female gloves tend to have fingers longer than Edward Scissorhands would need, so it was nice to not to be fighting the indicator switch on a daily.

These gloves boast a hella lotta specs for £129.99 as well as an unexpected two-year warranty. I mean, I’ll try not to break them, but isn’t that nice to have? Side note, in the 8 months I’ve been wearing them, they’ve developed no faults and I treat my gear pretty badly. I’ve even run one of these over with my GSXR *don’t ask* and there’s not a mark on them.

First of the specs to draw my eye was the Goat and Nappa leather construction, but what is Nappa leather I hear you cry? Well my friends, I can now tell you *after a bit of research* that it is one of the most expensive leathers, often found on posh car seats and stuff. It’s known for being super soft and I can confirm, super-duper soft. Like, stupidly soft. But not only this, the palm has a dual leather layer with Kevlar® inserts and printed silicone too. Like a big leathery, Kevlary, glovey sandwich.

Another pretty cool feature is the Scaphoid Protection System, borrowed from Knox. If you’ve never seen them before, they are slidey plastic bits on the heel of your palm. When I first saw them, I thought they would get in the way of the grip, but they definitely don’t. I don’t notice them.

I do notice the weird bits on the side of my little finger, however. I think these bumps may also be a bit more protection, very possibly some super cool little finger sliders, who knows, but I notice them every time I pull my gloves on. I have visions of them sliding on tarmac and saving my little finger… thanks weird little finger sliders!

I wasn’t sure about the leather brace holding your ring finger and little finger together. I thought it was going to really annoy me, but I never notice it. There are stretch panels on the fingers and thumbs too, so I’m happy to report that Weise have maintained optimum finger movement to meet every gesticulation a biker may want to express!

The Lancer Gloves feature mcFit™ Technology. Now I know what you’re thinking. Don’t Weise sponsor Hicky?! Haha, yes, they still do. We should call it HickFit. The mcFit™ Technology is some kind of magic that keeps the inner lining inside the glove when you pull your hands out. No more poking inner lining back in the finger holes – hurrah!

The knuckles feature nice chunky armour with integrated vents, as well as vents on the fingers. I never found them too draughty, not that I’d rush to wear them on icy winter days. Time and a place people!

The gloves have an elasticated part around your wrist as well as a Velcro closure. There’s a little flap of soft leather which covers the Velcro, which is a nice touch. They also have a padded / armoured carbon fibre looking cuff with Velcro closure on the gauntlet part of the glove which I think looks trick.

The gloves have moulded to my hands over time and had that familiar old glove feel pretty quickly. I find myself reaching for these gloves, even on colder days, as they are that comfy…and also what heated grips were invented for.

I’d happily buy myself another pair of the Weise Lancer gloves. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some Black / White / Fluro yellow ones when I become cool, or a racer, we will see.

Score - 9/10


- Knox Scaphoid Protection System. - Good sizing (for me!)

- Two year warranty. - Kevlar inserts in the palm.

- mcFit™ Technology.

- Chunky and funky armour. - Vents in the knuckle armour and on the fingers.

- Comfy af.


- On a cold day, don't bother! (But they aren't sold as winter gloves anyway!)